ENX Group prepares for a new challenge in 2024: Expansion

January 30, 2024
About ENX

With a solid presence in the Panamanian market, Grupo ENX is preparing for expansion in Central America and the Caribbean.

With the development of the latest solutions: Komodin and ARPIA, Enx Group demonstrates its capacity for innovation when it comes to manufacturing technological solutions to meet the demands and needs of the most successful companies in the region. Today, the company has an extensive customer portfolio and a network of certified partners, ready to deploy new solutions in new markets.

Enx Group has a clear growth strategy. Being a technology factory, it has focused in recent years on developing comprehensive solutions that quickly adjust to the needs and conditions of both the market and organizations. Its developments are 100% cloud, multi-device, and multi-language and focus on different business areas: finance, sales, customer service, production, storage, distribution, strategic management, among others.

Over the last few years, companies have discovered the need to adapt quickly to change, and they know the contribution of technology in the process. We all saw how during the pandemic and the following year, in the face of the revolution in work and lifestyle, it became increasingly necessary for companies to develop and implement technologies and processes that would allow them to connect the different areas in real time, without losing the quality of the information.

In the coming years, the need to integrate more and more solutions, as well as to manage an ever-increasing amount of data, will only increase in all companies, of all sizes, markets and industries.

Given this reality, the Enx Group's commitment to conquer new markets is accompanied by a very encouraging outlook. Currently, Central America is in the digital transformation index at 60.21%/100* (*figures according to EY Panama), figures that indicate that more and more companies understand the need to strengthen their structure and implement better technological solutions that allow them to innovate with greater agility, implement new technologies to predict and make more assertive decisions.

Thus, Enx Group reaffirms its commitment to help companies achieve their goals, become more agile, competitive and optimize their costs, thanks to cloud technology and innovative solutions manufactured by the organization.

Undoubtedly, this new year will be very challenging and energetic for companies in the region. Taking your company towards a progressive digital acceleration requires the support of strategic partners who have the experience and skills to accompany and guide you on this new path. We are convinced that Grupo ENX will be the ideal ally for many companies in the region.