Get to know the story behind Grupo Enx. A Latin American technology factory.

January 30, 2024
About ENX

Just 20 years ago, Grupo ENX was an idea in the minds of its founders. Today, the company has 4 main technological products and an endless number of by-products, developed in Panama, to meet the needs of companies in the region.

It has been years of constant reinvention, where creativity, innovation and perseverance have been key to consolidate its position as the technology supplier of choice for its customers.

About ENX Group

Grupo ENX is a Panamanian technology factory that produces ERP, WMS, Data Analysis, e-commerce, and ERP software solutions for SMEs under the best quality standards and policies. Today, it has an extensive portfolio of local and international clients, who have entrusted their technological development to ENX's team and talent.

From less to more.

What started as a team of 2 people, in the living room of an apartment, today, is a large team of more than 50 people, partners and strategic partners worldwide, working together with the conviction to deliver to customers the best solutions that leverage their digital transformation.

Although Latam does not currently have the number of technology professionals required by market demand, 20 years ago, the situation was not very different. Few opted for this type of career, and as a company, even in its beginnings, it acquired the commitment to educate and encourage this profession in the country. For years, Grupo ENX has made multiple strategic alliances with different universities to provide a learning space for future professionals. This, together with the boom in technology, has made it increasingly less challenging to have great talent as part of the organization.

Technology made in Panama.

"It has not been an easy task to build technological solutions for a market that for years has been accustomed to acquiring foreign solutions. However, we believe in the potential of local talent, and that speaking the same language as our clients is a key differentiating factor in their process of adopting new technologies". - says Moises Vega, Guhlin, CEO and Founder of Grupo ENX.

And so it has been for all these years. What for many could be a weakness, Grupo ENX turned it into its strength. It did it with hard work, with a committed team, implementing best practices, and providing advice and support to each of its customers seeking an ERP, WMS or Data Analysis solution.

"Perhaps the experience of our first client was not the one we deliver today to the companies that use our solutions. It was probably a more colloquial, closer experience, but with the same passion that today remains in our essence".-says Vega Guhlin.

20 years later, we are still reinventing ourselves and looking for ways to deliver disruptive solutions to the market. Even with 50 more employees than the first day, we remain faithful to our mission: to strive to deliver the best customer service.

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